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The TSJC cancels the prohibition of the Government and allows the manifestations of Vox in Catalonia | SER Catalunya


The followers of Vox will be able to manifest itself in the car this Saturday in the four provinces of Catalonia. The Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has estimated the resources of Vox against the decision of the Ministry of the Interior to suspend these marches and endorse the protest. The judges considered that the prohibition “is not provided ( … ), although it responds to a legitimate aim”, that of preventing the spread of the virus.

The judges of the sala contentious of the TSJC ensure that “there seems to be no receipt to prohibit a demonstration in vehicles when it turns out that, ordinarily, people can wander around the city during time slots generous, without numerical limit, under the only condition of doing so by keeping the distance and with a mask”. The room believes that “the pandemic has subsided considerably, in presenting, therefore, the health situation, a scenario significantly better,” argues the sentence.

The resolution maintains that “nothing indicates the demonstration vehicles that it intends to make the political party Vox is likely to result in significant harm to the life or health of the people” and added that the cancellation could result in the infringement of fundamental rights: “to support a prohibition based on mere conjecture would be a bust clear of the fundamental right of assembly and peaceful demonstration, not to mention a dangerous precedent”.

The decision has been taken after four trials this afternoon, in which the Prosecutor’s office has been located in favor of the manifestation of the ultra-right. The public ministry considers that the State Alarm may not suspend any fundamental right, as is the meeting and demonstration. Considers that the power competent can make rules, such as limiting the duration or encourage the use of masks, but you can only suspend a protest if it is for matters of public order, as stated in the Constitution.

The judge, in this case, limited to one hour, the manifestation in cars. Resolves that “should not start before 11.30 am and should finish at 12.30 h. The resolution is final and no appeal against the sentence.


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