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The trip ‘ghost’ of a councillor from Round the province of Cadiz | BE Malaga | Hour 14 Málaga


Controversy in the town, malaga province Round after the councillor for Town Planning, Jesus Vazquez (PP), published this Saturday in their social networks that was in the Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz). As well as indicating the geolocation of the mobile applications on their social networks.

Profile Vázquez where the geolocation you located in the province of Cádiz
/ String to BE

Just took a few minutes to reprocharan the councillor popular, former national deputy of the political formation, which had gone away to another province in full State of Alarm, something completely forbidden in the Phase 0 of desescalada.

The question everyone in the Round will be made this Saturday afternoon was What was Jesús Vázquez in the province of Cadiz when he could not get out of Malaga? The answer the gave the own council member just a few hours after. The problem arose in your profile of Facebook. The location of your posts, you were on the Puerto de Santa Maria. After being alerted, and realize what I had done the application (mobile version), Vazquez removed the publication that placed him in the neighbouring province.

From that time, speculations were rising. The council member had to make a new publication to clarify that “by a mistake” the mobile had been geo-located in the town of cadiz, but that was not true: he claimed to be in his municipality, in a Round. The opposition in the consistory of this town began to ask expliaciones, in fact, announce that this Monday registered a question at the town hall to the own Vázquez explain what has happened and know if it jumped the containment to move to the province of Cadiz.

Subsequent publication on their profiles

Subsequent publication on their profiles
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This Sunday morning, the councillor of the PP not wanted to leave no doubt about your location and it could be seen through the streets of Ronda to confirm that it was in the town of malaga. Everything indicates, as explained Vazquez, that there never was such a trip ‘ghost’ the Port of Santa Maria.


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