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The Tenerife Council will support the construction of the El Rosario treatment plant but reducing the project | Radio Club Tenerife | Present


The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, has guaranteed this Tuesday that the island corporation will financially support the construction of an industrial water treatment plant in the La Campana industrial estate in El Rosario, although he advocates “resizing” the project to make it faster and have a lower cost.

In a press conference held after the plenary session, the president, Pedro Martín, has indicated that they are not going to be “scavengers” because although the competition in waters is municipal, “the problem is beyond” the City Council.

Martín has insisted that the Cabildo has all “avenues of collaboration” open but has clarified that he cannot be asked to “look for ten million” – the cost of the project – when there was no budget item or any written document and In the coming weeks, the rehabilitation works of the estate will start for an amount of almost 10 million.

In addition, he commented that problems similar to that of La Campana occur in other industrial estates on the island “and nobody wants to talk about it”, such as those of San Miguel and Granadilla, putting the economic cost of solving all of them at around 1,000 million euros the sanitation problems of the island.

He has also said that they have held meetings with the mayor of El Rosario, Escolástico Gil, and the businessmen of the estate, and regrets that the “alert” was unleashed by a complaint from Seprona when Gil knew the state of “abandonment” of the Cabildo.

Martín hopes to contribute funds once the settlement of the 2019 budget is made and understands that “solutions must be found now” because the future treatment plant will take at least two years to become operational.

Along these lines, he has insisted that the water treatment plant is not regional and therefore, the competition belongs to the City Council. “I have been mayor and my city council has had to find a way to invest,” he pointed out, referring to his work as mayor of Guía de Isora.

All in all, he commented that the Cabildo offers technical advice and financing to the consistory when possible, stressing that the corporation already invests 1.1 million in the municipality in sanitation works and will help in the development of a project to improve the performance of the management of the water network, since the losses in the municipality are around a million euros per year.

There are no differences in the government team

Martín has insisted that the Cabildo will be “co-responsible” in solving the problem and will work closely with the City Council because “it alone cannot”. “We do not distance ourselves from anything,” he explained.

On the motion of support for the project that has gone ahead in plenary with the votes of the CC, PP and a counselor for Sí Podemos, he acknowledged that they knew that they were “going to lose it” but they had to be “consistent” with their position.

He commented that Sí Podemos is a formation that has been “very loyal” with the government team “but is in opposition” and sometimes agreements are reached on some issues and not on others. “Dissent and differences in the government team, none,” he noted.

Martín has pointed out that they will be “respectful” with the content of the motion, although he makes it clear that “it does not alter the script” of the line of work they carry out with the City Council to improve the situation of the industrial estate. “Less noise and work more,” he said.


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