News The Talavera looking for a porter | BE Talavera

The Talavera looking for a porter | BE Talavera


The Talavera looking for a goalkeeper. That is the goal of all-white in this winter market that closes the 31 of this month of January.

Someone will ask, because it seeks to porter the Talavera if you have three in your first template. Oscar Santiago, the Barber, and Adrian. Looking for goalkeeper because as said Fran Alcoy in BE Talavera if your team wants to follow in 2nd “B” have to stop the bleeding of goals he has conceded the team talaverano in the first part of the league where has received 28 goals in 19 games that is 12 more than the that I fit in the first round of the last campaign.

To stop this bleeding of goals, Fran Alcoy, understands that you have to reinforce the goal with a new goalkeeper and the club has already communicated to Oscar Santiago, who no longer traveled to Marbella, that no account with him for the second round of the championship. Oscar Santiago is given the possibility of search equipment or if you want to stay in the Talavera can do it without tab and charging it signed in the contract.

Oscar Santiago, who came from Lleida, has played 15 games where he has received 21 goals.


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