The Swedish parliament elects Andesson for the second time as prime minister

Sweden Parliament on Monday elected Social Democrat leader Magdalene Andesson as prime minister, giving Andeson the head of government for the second time in a week.

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Andesson is the first woman to be elected head of the Swedish government.

Parliament had already elected Andesson as prime minister on Wednesday, but she resigned a few hours later, after the Green Party left the coalition and before she officially took office.

The 54-year-old politician is the current finance minister and will now lead a minority government with only social democrats.

The next Swedish parliamentary elections are scheduled for ten months, in September 2022.

She will officially take office on Tuesday, replacing Stephen Leven, who has been in power for seven years.

In the vote on Andesson’s candidacy, 101 votes were in favor, 75 abstentions and 173 were against.

Under the Swedish system, a candidate for prime minister does not need to have a majority in parliament, but it is enough that the majority is not against him.

The time until the election of the head of government will be full of challenges.

Given Andesson will lead a weak minority government, she will have to seek support from political initiatives in both the left and right camps.

The prime minister will have to run the government with a budget proposed by the opposition moderates, the Christian Democrats and the Swedish Democrats, because her budget was not approved by parliament last week.

The four center-right and right-wing opposition parties are united on most issues and have 174 seats in parliament, while the four left-wing and center-left parties are more divided.

Voters are most concerned about crime and immigration, but observers predict a photo finish.

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