The stock of the Covid-19 vaccine in Kudus runs out – The government of Kudus Regency, Central Java, informed that the Covid-19 vaccine stock was running out in its pharmacy warehouse, both for the first and second injections, so that to be able to continue the program, additional allocations were needed so that the acceleration of vaccination could be realized.

“The vaccines that have been distributed to a number of health facilities are estimated to end on July 17, 2021 or all health facilities in Kudus that have completed the task of injecting vaccines,” said Head of the Kudus District Health Office, Badai Ismoyo through the Head of the Immunization Survalence Section, Aniq Fuad in Kudus, Tuesday. (13/7).

He hopes that the request for an additional 70,000 doses of vaccine to the Ministry of Health can be realized so that the vaccination does not stop temporarily. However, until now it has not been realized even though there is information that Kudus will get the Pfizer vaccine from the United States.

“When it is realized, we will vaccinate for the second dose so that it is hoped that Sinovac will receive the vaccine. Meanwhile, for the first injection, there is no problem, whether it is given by Pfizer or Moderna,” he said.

The current stock of vaccinations, he said, is also focused on the second injection because many Kudus residents who have already undergone the first injection will soon enter the schedule for their second injection. While the realization of vaccine injections between the first and second injections, there are still gaps.

The realization of the first injection of the 825,812 target has only reached 135,811 targets or 16.4 percent, while the second injection has only reached 46,190 targets or 5.6 percent.

The target of 825,812 targets has included youth groups with a target of 161,146 targets. While the rest is for health workers, public servants, the elderly, the general public and vulnerable communities.

Kudus Regency also, he said, has submitted a request for an additional 70 thousand doses of vaccine. But so far it has not been realized.

“When it comes later, we will inject for the second dose, we hope it comes soon,” said Aniq Fuad. Quoted Between. [gil]


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