The state of emergency has ended, many restrictions due to the coid still apply – ČT24 – Czech Television

At Christmas Eve, 3,228 patients with coronavirus were housed in domestic hospitals, of which over seven hundred had a difficult course. During the week, the number of hospitalized decreased by almost sixteen hundred. As early as the first week of December, about seven thousand were hospitalized, of which up to eleven were in severe condition.

The epidemic in the country has been slowing since the end of November. The steadily declining incidence number also testifies to this. One hundred thousand inhabitants now have 396 infected in the last seven days, compared to 441 the previous day and 642 a week earlier. In all regions, the weekly incidence fell below 500 on Sunday. It is highest in the Liberec region with 495 cases Karlovy Vary region with 211 infected.

Since March last year, almost 2.5 million people in the Czech Republic have been demonstrably infected with coronavirus, of which 35,749 have died. The daily numbers of deaths in recent days are declining. While in the first half of December more than 120 people with covid died within 24 hours, in the second half of the month these numbers are in the tens.

At the end of November, the daily numbers of new infections reached almost 28,000. Since then, the number of cases per day has been declining week by week. Experts point out that the data from the Christmas holidays are not meaningful, mainly due to the small number of tests. Interest in testing can be expected to increase again after the holiday weekend.

The key indicator for the development of the epidemic is the positivity of the tests, which has also been gradually declining recently. The weekly average of positive tests for diagnostic indications, ie people with symptoms, fell below 22 percent. At the beginning of December, the infection was detected in every third person tested.

In the case of an epidemiological indication, when tested after a risky contact, the positivity is around 11 percent. In the most common preventive and comprehensive testing, covid is found in less than five percent of samples.

During Saturday’s holiday, a minimum of people received the vaccine – the ministry’s statistics so far record only eighteen of them, of which thirteen received a booster dose, which is the least for the entire vaccination period. Most vaccination centers have remained closed over Christmas or are operating in very limited traffic.

Emergency and measures

The state of emergency ended in the Czech Republic at midnight. Restaurants, bars, discos and similar establishments no longer have to close at 10 pm, and the ban on alcohol consumption in public has ceased to apply.

However, due to the epidemic, many restrictions remain. A maximum of a thousand seated people can attend cultural events, and if they do not sit, a maximum of one hundred people can attend the event.

Anti-epidemic measures will be tightened at the turn of the year due to fears of omicron. From December 29 to January 2, more than 50 people without a seat will not be able to attend public and private events. At a table in a restaurant, the number of people allowed is reduced from six to four, unless they are members of the same household.

Only people who have completed vaccinations or covid in the last six months will continue to be able to attend events and restaurants. Operators and organizers will need to check the covid certificates using an application to retrieve QR codes.


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