“The sprat imagined itself to be a submarine.” Nevzorov believes that Russia wants to start a war against the West

“We saw this entire NATO meeting. This concerns all the latest efforts of Russian diplomacy, where the Russian Deputy Minister [Сергей Рябков] he begged war from NATO, just like a drug addict, having lost all decency,” he said.

The publicist recalled former US President Ronald Reagan, who at one time returned after negotiations with the USSR “and laughed for a long time directly on American television”, that “it is not I who should talk to these people, but psychiatrists. They seriously believe that we can attack them.”

“There are people who need war, there are people who don’t need war. There are two clear categories. They love to fight, they love stripes, they love epaulettes and drumming. They like all this military crap, but they don’t want to fight. And we must understand that now in the eyes of NATO and humanity, Russia is a dangerous madman. He is driven by his conspiracy theories, and he always shows either a new razor or a new box of matches, he shakes, “Nevzorov described the situation.

He noted that in the current situation, “even the eternally indifferent and eternally neutral Swedes trembled, from whom the index of those wishing to join NATO suddenly took and how it jumped by some huge number of percent,” not to mention other countries.

“The situation is still hanging. Ryabkov, who dangled after the war [на переговоры с США] to Geneva, he returned without a war, as if spat upon. In general, a heavy sight of a sprat, which imagined itself to be a submarine. And the furious sprat is also another sight,” Nevzorov said.

According to him, Russia’s “deep mission is to call America Pindos, Europe – geyropa and be rude to everyone, no other mission can be traced.”


December 17, 2021 against the background buildup of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine Russian Foreign Ministry circulates Russian draft treaty handed over to Washington with the US and agreements with NATO on so-called security guarantees. In particular, they say that the United States must commit itself to exclude further NATO expansion “eastwards” and refuse admission to the Alliance of states that were previously part of the USSR.

January 10, 2022 in Geneva negotiations between the US and Russia according to Moscow’s demands for “security guarantees”. American delegation during negotiations made claims to Russia in connection with the pulling together of Russian troops to the Russian-Ukrainian border. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who led the U.S. delegation, said after the talks that NATO’s open door principle is non-negotiable. She also said that the Russian side at the talks did not give a direct answer to the questionwhether it is ready to de-escalate the situation on the border with Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced categorical lack of progress in negotiations with the United States on the issue of Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

On January 12, Brussels hosted first in two and a half years meeting of the Russia-NATO Council.

After the meeting, the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, said that at the meeting the Russian Federation expressed demands to stop the entry of new countries into NATO and withdraw troops from the eastern flank of the Alliance. NATO reaffirms its open door policy and the right of every nation to choose alliances for itself.

The Secretary General stressed that the issue of Ukraine’s accession to NATO can only be discussed by this country and 30 member countries of the Alliance. Stoltenberg said that Russia poses a threat to Ukraine, and not vice versa.

Sherman, following the meeting, noted that Russia had not committed to de-escalation, however, didn’t say she wouldn’t. According to her, the United States and allies in the Alliance made it clear to the Russian Federation that “don’t slam the door on NATO’s open door policy”. Before RF worth the choice: de-escalation and diplomacy or confrontation and consequences, the US Deputy Secretary of State emphasized.

In Vienna on January 13 the meeting of the permanent council ended OSCE, discussions between the Russian Federation and Western countries on “security guarantees” continued. Polish Foreign Minister, who chairs the OSCE this year, Zbigniew Rau said that the European region is now closer to war than at any time in the past 30 years.

Russia announced at the OSCE that it would demand legally binding “security guarantees” from the US and NATO, excluding “any expansion of the Alliance and the deployment of strike weapons systems near Russian borders.”

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