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The spectacle of the colorful clouds in Oviedo | Science and technology


Javi Martínez is a technical Environment and leading six years photographing the sky. Its more than 100,000 snapshots captured during this time, sum the tangle of clouds of colors photographed this weekend in Oviedo: “I’m looking at the sky. At all times I have an eye stuck up there. This Sunday morning I was returning home, and, when I saw them, I went running for my camera and I did the photographs,” she says, and describes what he saw as similar to the “reflections of spots of oil or gasoline” that leaves “some colors in the cloud with pastel colours”.

Another snapshot of the iridescent clouds in Oviedo this weekend

As a meteorologist, Javi knows that this spectacle of nature is rare and explains why: “it Is a phenomenon of optical flame iridescence and is produced by the diffraction of the light from the Sun hitting the water droplets that formed the clouds. Clouds can be formed by crystallites of ice (water in solid state) but this effect can only be seen in those clouds that are formed by water in a liquid state. Of those, more slender, diffract sunlight, giving the feeling of catching different shades according to the angle from where you look”.

This is not the first time that Javi Martinez captures this atmospheric phenomenon with your goal, but you’ve never done before with such sharpness. Since sum more than 100,000 snapshots during all of this time and plan to collect some of them in a book entitled Diary of a nefelibata: “80% of them are centered in the Principality of Asturias. More or less a week started the crowdfunding for the publication, and since there is little more than 500 euros to get the goal,” says excited. It feels nefelibata, a word that is attributed to the poet Rubén Darío, since its first mention was in a poem called The singing wanderer, and is usually used to refer to a person that basically lives in the clouds. “We can say that nefelibata is a person dreamy,” he summarizes.

Sunset in Gijón

Sunset in Gijón

Acknowledge that sometimes it is not easy to get the photo I dreamed of, like that time that he caught a full rainbow in Gijón: “there Was a temporary wind, was blowing a lot. I had to hold on to a streetlight to be able to draw the picture because but I was wearing the wind”. Their limit are the rides: “With the sea do not play”, sentence.

Full rainbow in Gijón

Full rainbow in Gijón


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