The situation is getting hotter, the families of US embassy personnel are asked to leave Ukraine

WASHINGTON DC, – Embassy personnel families AS from Ukraine requested to leave the country as soon as possible after Monday (24/1/2022).

The sudden announcement was issued by the US Department of State as reported by Fox News, Saturday (22/1/2022).

A U.S. official told Fox NewsThe ministry also encouraged US citizens in Ukraine to leave the country on commercial flights next week.

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This was conveyed when the situation in Ukraine was heating up after the Russia reluctant to withdraw tens of thousands of troops from the border.

Western countries fear that Moscow could attack Ukraine at any time.

On Friday (21/1/2022) evening local time, the US Embassy in Ukraine announced the first shipment of ammunition had arrived as directed by President Biden.

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US officials said the munitions were part of what the US State Department called the lethal aid needed by Ukrainian troops on the front lines.

U.S. officials also informed Fox News that the Javelin anti-tank missiles are expected to arrive earlier this week from the Baltic states and from US military supplies.

Meanwhile, a number of advanced Russian fighter jets have arrived in Belarus, an ally of Moscow in northern Ukraine.

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Moscow asked NATO not to make Ukraine a member of the alliance. Russia also demands that the West withdraw its power from eastern Europe.

However, Russia’s demands were rejected by the West.

Talks between US Secretary of State Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday also produced no breakthrough, although both sides agreed to resume negotiations diplomatically.

The two diplomats will speak again after the United States submits a formal response to Russia’s demands next week.

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