The sequence of performances in the semifinals of “Supernova” is known; 10 musicians will enter the finals / Article

Latvia’s national selection for Eurovision takes place in the “Supernova” competition and every year largely shows what we consider to be entertainment and pop music locally. We offer insight into the semi-final songs – their strengths and where there is a risk of entrapment.

In both the semi-finals and the finals, the results of the text message and telephone voting will be counted together with the results of the jury voting. Every voice of the viewer will play an important role – you will be able to call and send an unlimited number of text messages from one phone number to your favorite.

From the semi-finals of the “Supernova” final show, 10 participants will qualify for the highest rating.

The jury and Latvian Television will have the opportunity to nominate the eleventh participant for the final, but they will also be able to choose not to award a “wild card”.

Sequence of speeches in the semifinals:

1. “Other boys”

The green lifestyle and love for each other is the main message of the song “Eat Your Salad”. It focuses on current topics such as sustainability and a vegetarian diet. The group “Other Boys” believes that Latvia is one of the greenest places in the world, therefore it wants to represent Latvia in Eurovision with this message of the song.

2. Why Dukurs

The song “First Love” tells about two pairs of eyes that meet and two hearts that intertwine. Then the unpredictable, the inexplicable can happen! And only when we have lost everything is ready for something new.

3. Linda Rušeniece

“Pay My Own Bills” tells about a new beginning, about leaving the old and the negative in the past. This song is like entering a new, independent stage of life. With a self-sufficient and liberating view of the future. With the song, Linda hopes to encourage everyone to realize their value and turn a new page.

4. Elīna Gluzunova

The song “I Went There” tells the story of love. The more different we are, the different our expressions of love. The key is to experience this feeling at least once in your life and soar in the wings that nothing and no one can break those wings anymore.

5th room

The piece “Plans” is about two people who have found each other and who get along very well, but they get a little frightened and slow down their relationship. As is often the case in life, one must be brave and take the first step by asking, “Do you want to try? Can I become your weekly plan?”

6. Patrick Peterson

The song “Can’t Get You Outta My Head” is about finding yourself, falling in love and the joy of the other person.

7. “We love you”

“Rich Itch” urges you not to lose your confidence in any situation and anywhere, to be aware of your price. Each person with their own personality is just one in the world, so the best version of himself has ever been created. “We love you” with this conviction invites you to go through life to the full bank.

8. Katō

In the song “Promises”, Katō says that in order to be loved by others, you must first promise to love yourself. Like a wedding – for the rest of your life. You need to put yourself aside and compare yourself with others. You have nothing to lose if you are satisfied and in harmony with yourself.

9. Why Galvanovsky

The song “I’m Just a Sinner” is about everyday life that we encounter quite often in today’s world – negativity, insults and imposed standards. They often influence and demotivate people, losing the faith that is their true self. Mick says that he wrote the words about himself, because over the years many have tried to stop him, but the musician has managed to overcome all obstacles.

10. Markus Riva

The song “If You’re Gonna Love Me” is both a tribute and an intimate conversation between two people. There are no more boundaries, no suspicions, no doubt – everything turns into an infinite love that resonates in space. But at the same time, you find yourself on a lonely planet and don’t understand if it was a reality.

11. “The Coco’nuts”

The song “In And Out of the Dark” tells of a violation over dark moments in life. Sometimes they tend to fall down, disappearing, but in the end there is always a light somewhere nearby.

12. Aminata

Aminata’s song “I’m Letting You Go” tells the story of two people who no longer feel romantic love for each other. Divorce is painful, especially if you have spent many years together. The thought that your person will meet someone else is painful. We stay in the relationship selfishly because we don’t want to let the other person be free. But it is time to realize that love has become an addiction and that he must be allowed to leave.

13. “Bermuda Triangle”

The group’s song “BAD” is about all sorts of love. For its power to intoxicate and feel the infinity fall.

14. Beatrise Heislere

The song “On the Way Home” in Beatrice’s voice tells about self-esteem, putting your wishes and needs first. Even after frustration in a relationship and the other person’s abuse, it is possible to return to your true self. You have to listen to yourself to accept something as the end and as the beginning of a new one.

15. Zelma

The beginning and middle of the song “How” tells of the pain and confusion caused by the betrayal of a loved one. The final part, where the guitar solo begins, expresses an explosion of anger and general emotion.

16. “Bujāns”

The song “He, She, You & Me” by the association “Bujāns” is about love, in which we would like to swim every day. The musicians point out that this is not a joke. People to whom this song will sing the deepest strings of the soul can love. On the other hand, those who think that this is a joke song have never loved, do not believe in love and even deny it. This song is a proof of love – it exists, it vibrates all around and we can breathe it in every day.

17. “Inspo”

The group’s song “A Happy Place” tells the story of the routine and the fact that each of us dreams of getting up one morning and going to the airport to fly far away from our four walls. Because everyone has their own happy place. Flying has a metaphorical meaning, as it can also symbolize watching your favorite show. The song describes not only the happy and the bright, but also the life situations and choices that lead us to the metaphorical meaning of flying.

“Supernova” semi-final and final shows will be hosted by Lauris Reiniks and Ketija Šēnberga.

LTV will open the composition of the competition jury after the international Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy. The jury includes representatives of the Latvian music industry, event industry and television, as well as foreign professionals.

“Supernova” semi-final – February 5 at 21.05 LTV1 and, final – February 12.

A draw for the semi-finals of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest has taken place in Turin, Italy. It is clarified that the song of Latvia, ie the winner of the competition “Supernova”, will be performed in the first semifinal on May 10. Albania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Portugal, Denmark, Armenia, Austria, Croatia, Iceland and Greece will also take part. The second semi-final of Eurovision will take place on May 12, the final – on May 14.

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