Home News the school of Montauban are finally re-opening on Monday 25 may

the school of Montauban are finally re-opening on Monday 25 may


Since may 11, and the end of the confinement, the mayor of Montauban Brigitte Barèges refused to reopen schools in the city. Set its conditions to the local education authority, that all schools could reopen their doors at the same time, at all levels, or nothing at all.

A diktat little appreciated by the Prefect of the Tarn-et-Garonne Pierre Besnard, who on Monday was angry all red : “If the situation does not unblock before the end of the week, I reserve the right to bring the case to court”.

On Tuesday, a press release of the mairie de Montauban that “the city of Montauban will reopen schools as early as this Monday, may 25,”with this title “the city is ready, the ministry of National Education is less”.

The release of the mayor of Montauban Brigitte Barèges
@City of Montauban

In its press release, the mayor of Montauban finds that only 16 schools in the city will be open to full-timethe 21 other the will with the implementation of a servicehost alternation.

“We denounce this unfair treatment between the schools and the families, and this gas works as prescribed by a health protocol to be unenforceable that goes against the desire to foster economic recovery” considers the mayor of Montauban.

“In order to facilitate the recovery of professional parents, we know, as well to the Rector of the academy at Dasen that it would be wise to simplify the lives of parents by pursuing two objectives : the first is to ensure that all school levels will resume at the same time and not in parts as suggested at the outset, namely, in a first time, the home only of the large section of kindergarten, the preparatory course and the CM2. On this point we must thank the national Education which has accepted this request and welcome all levels of schooling. The second objective was to ensure that schooling is provided on the entirety of the week, and not as suggested : “alternation “, that is to say, either a half-day, half-week ; this places parents in a very complex situation to ensure recovery of 100% of their activity. This is where we discovered that the national Education had not sufficient teachers available to be able to provide education on the full 4 and a half days. It would seem that more than a third of them have not resumed their activity, being either sick, or in discharge of association. So it is only to remedy this deficiency it is proposed, by national Education, a schooling in alternation.”

The town hall of Montauban specifies the conditions for this recovery

“Last Thursday, on 5 300 students enrolled, it has been announced by the academic inspection as 1 639 students, or about 30 % of the workforce. Anyway, we will be, as already stated, the appointment of the children if this number were to increase in the next few weeks. You need to know that all of our 37 schools have been disinfected and they are all equipped, of course, hydroalcoholic gel, soap, and all the distanciations were organised in each of the 240 classes of the city. In regards to our agents, they have been equipped with masks, visors, gloves and participated on a voluntary basis, as all the agents of the community, to serological screening of a nature to reassure and protect you. We have just received the thermometers-flash which will be with each school in order to be able to measure at a distance, if necessary, the temperature of the agents or of children who would then, in this case, returned to their home.”

Parents will therefore be able to send their children to school in Montauban, after two months of confinement, as soon as this Monday, may 25, in the morning.

The town council shall communicate the list of 16 schools open throughout the week to full-time

  • Kindergarten Alexander 1st
  • Elementary school Centre
  • Kindergarten Hugues Aufray
  • Kindergarten Françoise Dolto
  • Elementary school Fernand Bales
  • Kindergarten Jacques Brel
  • Elementary school Jacques Brel
  • Nursery school Camille Claudel
  • Primary school Léo Ferré
  • Kindergarten Fonneuve
  • Kindergarten Jules Guesde
  • Nursery school Francis Jordan
  • Primary school Georges Lapierre
  • Kindergarten Jean Malrieu
  • Elementary school Jean Malrieu
  • Nursery school of Villebourbon



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