The Range Rover Sport is heading for the next generation

The new Range Rover Sport will be classically placed on the market under the new large Range Rover, with which it shares a completely new platform. According to the new design language, it has narrow LED headlights and an adjoining front mask. There are also recessed door handles.

The novelty retains the familiar body shapes. The Range Rover claims that the air drag coefficient of the new model is 0.29, which is a very low figure behind a new spoiler or laser-welded roof.

The biggest shift in the car was in the interior, which clearly adheres to the current Range Rover route. At first glance, the cabin breathes luxury and comfort. Land Rover used a 29-speaker Meridian audio system and a Pivi Pro infotainment system with a 13.1-inch touch screen.


Range Rover Sport

Photo: Land Rover

An interesting feature of the interior is, for example, the Cabin Air Purification Pro system, which can reduce odors, as well as bacteria and allergens in the cabin. According to Range Rover, it also works on the SARS-Cov-2 virus. In addition, a 13.7-inch digital instrument panel will also be available to the driver.

The car was built on the MLA-Flex platform, received new intelligent air suspension and active shock absorbers. The Range Rover Sport also has all-wheel steering and an electronic differential. This should make the car stiffer and more stable on the road.

In terms of engine, Land Rover relied on two plug-in hybrids, a mild-hybrid six-cylinder in-line engine, diesel and petrol, and a top-of-the-line 4.4-liter supercharged eight-cylinder from BMW. In 2024, a purely electric version should also hit the market.

Range Rover Sport will also hit the market with four traditional trim levels S, SE, HSE and the highest Autobiography. The price of the basic model should be at the level of 2.5 million crowns on the Czech market.

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