News the premium of the electric will be extended to...

the premium of the electric will be extended to the simple bicycle


The Walloons may also be entitled to claim a financial boost to the Area if they acquire always to get to work – a simple bike without electric assistance, a cargo bike or a bike of opportunity. The terms still need to be specified for the case of the latter. It is likely that it is necessary to go through a reseller opportunity, rather than a website that specializes in the second hand. With this enlargement, the amount of the premium will range from between 100 and 400 euros. The minister Henry intends to file its draft premiums on the table of the walloon government next week to discuss and fine-tune it.

For back to school

“With the containment and the déconfinement, people have discovered the modes of active travel, walking and cycling. Now, it is necessary to ensure that it becomes a habit structural, ” explains Philippe Henry. The goal is to move forward this summer for an entry into force later than the start of the year. “It is not necessary to block the bike sector by deferring too much to the decision of the premium. If its implementation takes more time, it is not impossible to have a feedback mechanism for the people who would not have expected, ” says the minister’s office contacted by our care.



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