News the prefect banned a protest judged to be at...

the prefect banned a protest judged to be at risk


Residents are calling for the resignation of the prefect of Côte-d’or.

By Le Figaro with AFP

In the district of Grésilles to Dijon.
In the district of Grésilles to Dijon. PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

The prefect of Côte-d’or has made an order prohibiting any demonstration in Dijon on Saturday, June 20, after an appeal by some residents of the area, a sensitive Grésilles to come into the city centre at 14h to ask for his resignation, fearing violence.

The city has experienced tensions from 12 to 15 June, began with a punitive expedition of members of the chechen community towards the previous of north african origin following an assault on a chechen teen.

The fact that the forces of the order are not occurring in a first time has led to accusations of “laxity“on the part of political and residents of the areas covered by the trips chechens. “An opinion without foundation would like us to believe that the police did not intervene and that the neighborhoods have been abandoned to the vindictiveness of a violent group. It is nothing, of course“wrote the prefect of the region and prefect of Côte-d’or Bernard Schmeltz for the inhabitants in a press release. “The same people who have propagated these ideas have encouraged the holding of an event not reported this Saturday. (…) Everything leads us to think that violence might be committed in the margins of this event“says Bernard Schmeltz. It refers to the motivations of the arrested “violence may show some of the elements radicalized by the struggle against institutions and their representatives, present in the agglomeration of dijon“.

As a result, he signed Friday night an order of prohibition to manifest that encompasses the perimeter of the historic centre of the city and the spaces connected by grand boulevards, forming a kind of device.

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