The potentially dangerous asteroid is heading for Earth. It’s as big as a school bus

An asteroid flies around the Earth on the first day of April. NASA has identified it as potentially dangerous for our planet. In addition, it is not a toddler, because its dimensions correspond to the size of a school bus.

Asteroid 2007 FF1 orbits Earth on April 1, about seven million kilometers from our planet. According to the portal The New York Post it is 19 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. However, NASA classified it as a potentially dangerous object.

“It will reach its minimum distance from Earth at around 2 pm UTC on Friday (pozn. red. – it is a coordinated world time). However, the risk for our planet is low, “said expert Gianluca Masi.

According to experts, the 2007 FF1 asteroid is about the size of a school bus, with an average of 110 to 200 meters. It flies at a speed of about 13 kilometers per second. In addition, the object is one of 15,000 Apollo-class asteroids. “Its orbit around the Sun intersects with the orbit of the Earth,” the portal explained The Weather Channel.

The last time this asteroid flew around the Earth was in 2020, when its minimum distance from our planet was 17.3 million kilometers. Experts expect it to reappear in 2037.

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