The pool in the rocks near Sinemorets belongs to Emilian Gebrev, who had a permit

The pool built into the rocks PHOTO: DANIELA KOSTADINOVA / BNR

The arms dealer Emilian Gebrev is the owner of the property with a built-in pool in the “Polyanite” area near Sinemorets, BNR reports.

After an inspection by the regional administration in Burgas, they claim that the pool was built on rocks that are public state property, which is illegal. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Burgas has ordered the mayor of Tsarevo to investigate the case.

The mayor of Sinemorets Kostadin Dikov has confirmed to BNR that the property with a pool in the rocks belongs to Gebrev. Gebrev himself sent a letter answer to the radio. In it he explains that the 11 acres of land by the sea where he built a wooden villa were bought by his family from private owners in the 1990s. The entire project for the construction of a villa with a swimming pool has been assessed for environmental impact. The necessary permits were issued for the installation of the pool in the rocks, and the place was determined by a surveyor. The pool is plastic, nearly 12 square meters and 1.20 meters deep. There are wooden stairs next to it.

The facility was installed 20 years ago, says Emilian Gebrev. According to him, the property with the sea villa is not blocked by a fence and it is free to pass through. The area where the sea villa with the pool is located is an urbanized area.

According to the mayor of Tsarevo, Georgi Lapchev, he said that according to him, the pool on the rocks could not be on private land.

Until January 22, 2022 is the deadline in which the Municipality of Tsarevo must provide data to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Burgas on the construction near Sinemorets.

According to the regional governor of Burgas Maria Neykova private property obstructs the road to the rocks, where the pool is built. “Before the pool there is a property that is privately owned and which property prevents the state from accessing the state property in which this pool was built,” Neykova said.


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