The owner of the table with the ‘HTI’ flag at the KPK is not part of 57 Ex-Employees Fired


Former officer NCP, Tata Khoiriyah, open up about photos called flags Hizb ut-Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) at the KPK. Tata said the flag was on the desk of an employee who was not part of the 57 people who were fired because they did not pass the National Insight Test (TWK).

“The owner of the table with the flag was also examined by the KPK Internal Supervisor. In fact, he was also examined by the agency he came from. Also looking for a chronology of why the flag came and was stored on the table. The owner of the table was also examined together with Mas Iwan whether it has links with movements and organizations And the conclusion is that the table owner has no connection with a particular affiliation,” said Tata in his writing which was uploaded to his Facebook account, Sunday (3/10/2021).

The Iwan that Tata meant was a former KPK security officer who took a photo of the flag and disseminated it with the narrative that the flag was an HTI flag until he was finally fired. Tata said that Iwan’s actions at that time were not justified.

“Mas Iwan was found guilty of: entering a workspace that was not his domain/authority, it was proven that he had intentionally and without rights disseminated false information to external parties. Accusing people of being involved in HTI without any prior clarification. In addition, Mas Iwan himself unprofessional, if he has allegations of ethical violations through the flag, he should have reported it to his immediate superior. But what he did was disseminate it to the public, “he said.

Tata said that at that time Iwan was found guilty because the photos were distributed without any clarification, including without any explanation from the owner of the table with the flag on it. After being examined by internal control, Iwan was found guilty.

“Even Mas Iwan himself deliberately framing the flag that is proof that there is a Taliban in the KPK,” he said.

The Beginning of Many Questions of the HTI Flag

The incident occurred around September 2019, at which time the KPK was still led by Agus Rahardjo, Alexander Marwata, Basaria Pandjaitan, Laode M Syarif, and Saut Situmorang. Meanwhile, the current KPK leaders, namely Firli Bahuri, Alexander Marwata, Nawawi Pomolango, Lili Pintauli Siregar, and Nurul Ghufron, were only sworn in in December 2019.

From the information obtained by detikcom, the photo taken was on the 10th Floor of the KPK Red and White Building, which is a forbidden zone to be documented because that is where the KPK prosecutors work. It is forbidden to take photos on the floor because there are many secret files related to the duties of KPK prosecutors.

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Watch Video: HTI flag at KPK Not Hoaks

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