The order of the appearance of symptoms of the coronavirus COVID-19 in a person has been determined

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Scientists from the University of Southern California told how to accurately distinguish the flu from coronavirus and determine in time a dangerous ailment. It turned out that when infected with COVID-19, the symptoms appear in a specific order.

Before making any conclusions, the researchers analyzed data on more than 55 thousand infected in China. Data from 1,100 patients collected by experts from the National Health Commission of the PRC were considered separately.

Lead author of the scientific work Joseph Larsen noted that the order of symptoms is of great importance, since any disease progresses in a certain way. The experience that doctors are now gaining will allow in the future, at an early stage, to identify the presence of the disease and to take the right strategy for treating the patient.

At the very beginning of the development of coronavirus in an infected organism, as a rule, an increase in temperature makes itself felt. After that, a cough comes and the person feels pain in the muscles. The third symptom doctors call diarrhea and nausea, sometimes vomiting is added. In case of infection with the flu, the patient first coughs, and then the body temperature rises.

It was previously believed that the loss of smell and taste is the main distinguishing feature of the coronavirus, but this symptom is also characteristic of ARVI diseases.


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