News the Opal Coast Trail continues in September, but adapts...

the Opal Coast Trail continues in September, but adapts to the health crisis


The formula will be a little different from previous editions.

The Opal Coast Trail will take place. The organization of the event has announced that it will continue on the scheduled dates (September 12 and 13), some 80 days from now.

However, to meet health requirements, while the Covid-19 epidemic will still be present in the fall, the organizers will adapt this “Spirit” edition, that they hope “unique but exceptional“.

Concretely, there will be 6 events on Saturday and 4 events on Sunday, where participants will start in clusters 150 to 170 runners every 10 minutes, in order to avoid large gatherings at the start of the race, as we see every year.

Another modification, that of the departure and arrival village, which will not be in Wissant but in Tardinghem, on the site of a golf swing. The latter will be larger, preventing participants from crossing paths, “a reception site more than 30 times larger than Place de Wissant“, even indicates the organization of the event.

This edition will not see several thousand people taking the start at the same time.

This edition will not see several thousand people taking the start at the same time.


Among other changes, to avoid queues, bibs will be given out the same day, and no stand will be there to check licenses and certificates: participants must have sent the requisite before September 6.

Refueling in the middle of the race will be done in the open air, without tents or shelter and only in the form of individual water bottles. On arrival, it will consist of a padded bag, without tables, dishes or goblets.

For those who have not had the opportunity to register, the organizers also point out that places will be vacated at the end of August, and that it will be easier to get them for Sunday races than on Saturday .


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