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The Nintendo Switch Lite is cheaper today thanks to this promo code


The Switch Lite is the nomadic version of the Nintendo hybrid console. We find it today at 184 euros instead of 199 euros, or 15 reduction. Find all the details below.

The Switch Lite is specially designed for a solo experience in portable mode, or networked multiplayer. It is now an excellent alternative for those who wish to take advantage of the huge catalog of eShop at a reduced price despite the few concessions.

In short

  • Compact and colorful design
  • Improved autonomy
  • Compatibility with most Switch games

Instead of 199 euros, the Nintendo Switch Lite is now displayed at 189 euros on Rakuten, then goes to just 184 euros thanks to the promo code RAKUTEN5. In addition, you will receive 9.20 euros free on your next order by joining the Club R.

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The Nintendo Switch Lite focuses only on the nomadic aspect. Therefore, it is impossible to connect it to a TV, or even to unhook the controllers at the ends. We can then forget about all the games that need the Joy Con to work, like 1-2 Switch for example – even if it is not a big loss.

8 / 10

Nintendo Switch LiteNintendo Switch Lite

The portable console will also stand out for its relatively compact format. Its screen extends on a diagonal of only 5.5 inches, against 6.2 for the classic Nintendo Switch. In addition, we love above all this colorful touch that strongly reminds the different models of Game Boy at the time.

It is also more robust than its big sister thanks to its plastic finish. The Nintendo Switch Lite is indeed more resistant to shocks, especially when transporting the console. Finally, it benefits from a better battery than the original model, just like the 2019 edition of the Nintendo Switch. The autonomy is now estimated at around 6 hours according to the manufacturer, against 3 for the 2016 Switch.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to read our full Nintendo Switch Lite review.

Is the offer no longer available?

If, later on, the offer mentioned in this article is a success, please have a look at the table below to find other offers for Nintendo Switch Lite.

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