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The night bars have reopened but not discos ? It explains why


For several weeks, you can finally go out for a drink with friends or colleagues. Theoretically, you can’t, but you are more to shimmy up to 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning on the dance floor close to the night bars. However, impossible to extend your output until the sunrise.

Because the night clubs, also called nightclubs, not be able to reopen in September if the sanitary conditions allow. This was announced by the government in the night of Friday 19 to Saturday 20 June, following the Council of defence and national security. The imcompréhension is total on the side of the owners of these establishments at night. What is it that differentiates them from the bars of night ? Why can’t they reopen, in the same way that the places where some dancing to several in spite of the restrictions ?

It is all a matter of categorization…

In France, the establishments receiving of the public, the ERP, are classified into different categories. There is the N, which includes restaurants, cafés, brasseries, bars and so, the night bars. And then there’s the P, one which includes the dance halls and games rooms and so night clubs.

When he published his decree of may 31, last, the State has chosen to allow the first category, the N, to reopen on June 2. By contrast, the second category, the P, can not resume its activity. Master Jacques-Alexandre Bouboutou, lawyer specializing in public law sector of CHR, Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants, explains :

There is a negligence on the part of the government to have omitted that some of the bars oscillate between the two situations

Master Bouboutou, lawyer specializing in public law

These bars “oscillate between the two situations“are those who have obtained temporary waivers from the State to close later than the usual time, that is to say, in the night. In Caen, for example, the prefectural order authorizing them to open up to 3 o’clock in the morning.

That said, late closing, said dance floor to spend his energy (… and eliminate the drinking of his blood). They are now open to the public, which, according to the government restrictions, must remain seated and limit its movement by wearing a mask. However, many images circulating on the social networks testify to the non-compliance with social distancing.

From my point of view, this situation creates an inequality of treatment which seems hardly justifiable“explains Master Bouboutou “in fact, those who have requested a delayed closing, this is to allow people to dance“.

Most of the bars are night clubs up

Jean-Baptiste Jautée, boss of a nightclub caennaise

On this image, we can observe the customers of a bar at night that does not comply with the distanciations of compulsory social security.

On this image, we can observe the customers of a bar at night that does not comply with the distanciations of compulsory social security.

© France 3

Excluded, the patrons of nightclubs feel like “the plagued”

It is a word that employment Jean-Baptiste Jautée, boss of a nightclub caennaise, to describe the consideration of the State in respect of his trades. “Plague victims“.

Also, last Wednesday, the 17th of June, several patrons of nightclubs are gathered in front of the prefecture of la Manche at Saint-Lô. Read Article in link below.

They don’t understand why they can’t reopen their schools after many months of closure and the déconfinement progressive many places welcoming of the public. Charges, rents, and lost business lost hundreds of thousands of euros. Unfortunately, if the re-opening must wait until the end of the summer vacation, some owners will have to put the key under the door.

In France, the clubs employ 43 000 employees and approximately 100 000 people if we include the employees of external companies. They make an estimated turnover of one billion euros.

If the government refuses to let us reopen, we ask for a financial compensation to the author of our spending and a continuation of the part-time unemployment

Jean-Baptiste Jautée, boss of a nightclub caennaise

This Tuesday 23 June, a meeting was held between all the owners of the nightclubs of Normandy as well as representatives of trade unions. The purpose : first, to the balance sheet total of the financial losses of the sector in the region. It will also discuss the government’s response to their claims… announced for this Monday, June 22, at the latest.

A quarantine of a member of parliament of The Republic On supports these business leaders. Christophe Blanchet, deputy of Calvados, has sent a letter to the Prime minister this Tuesday, June 16, to request the re-opening of nightclubs, and a rescue plan for the sector.

For its part, the Union des métiers et des industries de l’hotellerie (UMIH), which represents 1500 clubs the French, attacking threat this decision to the State Council.

The government is signing the death warrant of clubs

Union trades and industries of hospitality, UMIH

In the end, customers are more exposed in a nightclub ?

A point-of-view of health, the opening of the night clubs would not be desirable according to Olivier Véran, Minister of health. In parallel, the prime minister announced the re-opening this Monday, June 22, movie theatres, holiday centres, casinons or games rooms. From 11 July, what are the stages to accommodate a maximum number of 5000 spectators, who will be able to reopen. “The sports were able to resume“explains Jean-Baptiste Jautée, “yet, there too, there is contact between people“.

The other argument of the owners of nightclubs : the age of their customers.

The age of those who have succumbed to the Covid-19 does not even account for 2% of our customer base !

Jean-Baptiste Jautée, boss of a nightclub caennaise

Yet promiscuity and alcohol clients accentuate considerably the risk of spread of the virus. Problem, these parameters taken into account in the prohibition set by the government, also exist when it comes to night bars.

The Etat considers that the risk is less“explains Master Bouboutou, “in addition, the bars that have the override to close later are a minority“. An argument difficult to accept for owners of nightclubs :

There are bars open that cater to more of the world that some of the clubs that they are closed.

Jean-Baptiste Jautée, boss of a nightclub in Caen

The average capacity of host clubs in France is 400 to 500 people. Only forty of them can accommodate more than 1000 customers.

To summarize the problem, the Master Bouboutou explains : “The government is faced with the fact that there is no specific category for night bars. If he had had to make a distinction, it would have made the emergence of a change in legal filings. Cela would have taken too much time“.

It goes without saying that it is necessary to maintain its efforts to limit the spread of the virus : the Normandy comes to pass in the red with regard to the movement of the Covid-19.


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