The New York Times strengthens its mobile gaming offering

The newspaper is eyeing this $ 100 billion market.

Mobile games, the new goose that lays golden eggs New York Times? Perhaps. For the newspaper, Donald Trump’s presidency was a financial boon. In four years, the number of subscribers to the American daily has increased. It is now over 7.5 million. 2020 even allowed the influential newspaper to sign a record year: 2.3 million new digital subscriptions were recorded. Double of 2019.

Under President Joe Biden’s wiser era, the meteoric growth of the subscriber portfolio is likely to slow down, however. In November, the daily’s general manager, Meredith Kopit Levien, herself considered it unlikely to add subscribers at the same rate in 2021. After losing one of its best recruiters in the person of Donald Trump, the New York Times Now is turning to mobile gaming to keep fueling up.

A veteran of the sector

A growth driver with high potential for the newspaper, which targets 10 million subscribers on the horizon

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