The new Xbox consoles have emerged as the fastest-selling generation

The demand for the Xbox Series S and X has also surprised Microsoft.


While Microsoft has always been able to outperform its predecessors with each Xbox generation, it was feared that this would not be the case with the Xbox Series S and X options, as the Xbox One generation got off to a very strong start that year. Today, however, it has become clear that there was no reason to doubt the success, and this was confirmed by Phil Spencert, head of the Xbox division. in an interview with the New York Times.

There are no specifics for the numbers, but Phil Spencert has released the fastest-selling Xbox generation with the Xbox Series S and X consoles so far. Moreover, the demand is so great that even the Redmond people were surprised by it, and as a result, they could not always deliver enough machines to the stores.

By the way, Microsoft is blaming the demand for gaming consoles at the expense of the pandemic, but of course, other factors cannot be ruled out. Keep in mind that the current generation is heavily built for backward compatibility, so gamers didn’t have to wait until enough content became available for the new consoles.


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