Business The new "Vincenz": Markus Hongler, Bern

The new “Vincenz”: Markus Hongler, Bern


Markus Hongler is on target. With the help of Guy Lachappelle, his ally at the top of the Raiffeisen, the CEO of Berner Mobiliar Versicherung pulled a fat fish ashore.

Honglers Mobiliar becomes the exclusive insurance partner of the third force in the banking country. Mobiliar-Raiffeisen: The new axis should become the clear number one in the Swiss financial market.

And Hongler would be their king. A new 50:50 subsidiary is planned, which will create a platform for everything to do with living: from buying to financing to insurance.

With this, the head of furniture creates a detour, which he was denied two years ago, when he started directly.

At that time, according to sources, the head of furniture was involved in the job as President of Raiffeisen Switzerland.

Swiss Mobiliar denies that the CEO has never sought the mandate, and there have been no talks.

Either way: The board of directors of the Raiffeisen lurching in the Vincenz frenzy decided in 2018 for someone else. Laughter appeals.

This should turn out to be a stroke of luck for Hongler, a Lucerne who pulls a lot of strings in Bern.

The furniture manager and the new Raiffeisen captain ensured with a peculiar tender that the long-term partner Helvetia was thrown out of the boat prematurely.

Now the Raiffeisen of Helvetia has to pay a high severance payment. She was considered the heir to Pierin Vincenz.

Who cares, say laughter and hongler. The latter is the big winner. He has already bought a quarter of Ringier.

The online subsidiaries of the media company are interesting for the furniture, said Hongler. He also has the tabloid press in his pocket.

What Ringier is for the online and the reputation is Kellerhals Carrard for the brisk ride with acquisitions. The boss plays the decisive role there.

It is Beat Brechbühl, ex-city council of the free-minded people, today trouble shooter No. 1 of the intricate administration in the federal capital.

Laugh with Doris (IP)

Brechbühl sits on the board of Honglers Mobiliar. With Brechbühl, Hongler knows a busy, networked Bernese lawyer at his service.

It can open many doors. The cleanup at Post showed just how influential Brechbühl and his Kellerhals Carrard are.

The Kellerhals report gave Post President Urs Schwaller, CVP, the opportunity not to get caught up in the maelstrom of 200,000 wrong bookings with the Postbus subsidiary.

All the blame went to the operational management of the Post – thanks to the Kellerhals investigation.

Brechbühl’s threads go far. The lawyer is president of SC Bern, the local hockey club. In the political stronghold, the SCB is the central place for business.

Finally, Brechbühl also presides over Bern Airport. Under the leadership of the Kellerhals partner, he stumbles from crisis to crisis.

This does not detract from Brechbühl’s influence. He and his client and close confidant Hongler at Mobiliar are more powerful than ever.

What Pierin Vincenz once tried, namely to overtake the parade ground inland on the right with a large rivalry between bank and insurance, is now being tried by Mobiliar CEO Hongler.

The Central Swiss, based in the apparently sedate Bern, should succeed in what Graubünden was denied because of his personal greed: the creation of an impregnable financial castle.


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