The new Toyota Land Cruiser is an incredible hit. It is waiting for her longer than the supercar

Toyota apologizes to customers in the domestic Japanese market for the incredibly long waiting times for the new Land Cruiser. At the same time, he promises to solve the situation.

Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the legends of the automotive world today, if so last year, after 14 years, her new generation debuted, it was a big event that interested the whole world. Not only fans but also buyers are interested in the new Land Cruiser.

Already last year, it was discussed on the Internet that waiting times are incredibly long. Some people even claimed that they had to wait an incredible four years for the new Land Cruiser. Incredible delivery times, longer than many supersports, have now been confirmed by Toyota itself.

The following message appeared on Toyota’s Japanese website: “We sincerely apologize for the fact that the Land Cruiser has been warmly received not only in Japan but also around the world and that a long delivery time is expected after receiving the order. The waiting period from ordering can take about four years from now on. ”

Toyota also promises to do its utmost to reduce delivery times so that customers can see the car sooner.

The problem does not seem to be in the lack of production components as with other manufacturers, but in the really high demand, which Toyota is currently unable to meet. Although the Land Cruiser is an integral part of the brand’s offer, it is also a complementary model, so production capacity will not be high, especially in such an interest. Initial orders from Japanese customers reportedly exceeded the manufacturer’s original estimates by up to 400%.

Toyota Land Cruiser generation J300 is the latest generation of the “big” Land Cruiser, which should be offered on the Czech market only through unofficial importers, for example the company Dajbych. Unfortunately, it has already lost eight-cylinder engines, it is offered exclusively with six-cylinder, whether petrol or diesel. Only the “smaller” Land Cruiser, known elsewhere in the world as the Land Cruiser Prado, is officially sold in Europe. However, this is also expected to see a new generation in the near future.

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