the new SMS alert on accounts terrifies users. High risk

The services of Poste Italiane are widely used by Italians and consequently what has been happening in recent days is alarming many people.

The well-known Italian company is unfortunately the victim of a new attack by dangerous criminals. Let’s see what’s happening and why it’s scaring so many users. It is once again phishing and this time it is a very dangerous pitfall for all Poste Italiane customers. A gang of cybercriminals still not identified by the authorities is seriously threatening the accounts of users of the post office. Poste Italiane has a truly impressive catchment area. It is a widespread company and its users are really many. Since BancoPosta was born, the services provided by Poste Italiane have multiplied. But this also means that the BancoPosta accounts are particularly coveted by criminals. The simplest way to grab the credentials to access the accounts of the users of Poste Italiane is precisely through message campaigns that can alarm the customers of Bancoposta.

A serious danger to customers

And that is exactly what is happening in this period. Many Italians are seeing text messages arriving with reports of anomalies on the BancoPosta account. These text messages invite you to act immediately to put in place a recovery procedure aimed at eliminating the anomaly found on the account. In these sms there is a link to click to solve the problem. However, law enforcement agencies urge you never to click on these links. In fact, these messages do not come from Poste Italiane and clicking on the link would risk a lot. In fact, the link takes us to sites that look like post offices but are actually scam sites that will allow us to offer our access credentials unintentionally to hackers.

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Therefore these sms must be ignored and deleted.

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Above all important Do not click on the link contained.

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