The National Bank of Peru has blocked all payments to “Antonov” for the construction of the An-178 aircraft

Ukraine is hiring one of the largest law firms in Peru to analyze all the terms of the contract and the legality of the actions of the Peruvian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our country hopes to resolve everything without going to court.

The National Bank of Peru, Banco de la Nación, refused to accept a banking agreement from the German bank DZ Bank AG for payments to Spetstechnoexport for the construction of the An-178-100R aircraft. About it informs Spanish edition of

The banking agreement from the German bank was supposed to cover the entire cost of the An-178 contract worth almost $ 64 million. Now Ukraine is completely deprived of the opportunity to receive funds from the Peruvian Interior Ministry for the production of an aircraft under the 2019 contract. The construction of the board was carried out for the working capital of Antonov, and the contract was signed through the intermediary of the special exporter Spetstechnoexport.

According to the newspaper, “Stsetstechnoexport” sent 86 letters to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Peru to try to resolve the situation of lack of payments. According to the signed contract, the Peruvian Ministry of the Interior was supposed to provide an advance payment and regularly pay for the construction of the aircraft. Ukraine had to return the advance funds through the National Bank of Peru, which was to be determined by the contractor bank.

According to Defense Express, an intermediary between the National Bank of Peru and Ukraine was needed because of impossibility of direct cooperation without involving first-class intermediary banks in the process. Ukrainian banks do not accept bank guarantees without a cash outpost.

DZ Bank was selected by the Peruvians to issue bank guarantees together with the EBRD. However, the National Bank of Peru has twice refused to issue a bank guarantee for the Peruvian Interior Ministry.

Spetstechnoexport believes that the refusal of the Peruvian banks is connected with the actions of competitors. They use all means to influence Peru and discredit Ukraine and manufacturers. To defend its rights, Ukraine hired a law firm, which is one of the TOP-3 most influential companies in Peru. They will analyze the contract and the legality of the actions of the Peruvian Interior Ministry. Ukraine is initiating a procedure for pre-trial regulation of the dispute with Peru.

As a reminder, a letter was sent to Peru to Spetstechnoexport with plans introduce penalties against Ukraine due to the disruption in the supply of An-178 for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In response, Spetstechnoexport said that contract continues to fulfill despite the lack of payments to Peru.


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