The Names of Dinosaurs That Ever Lived on Earth

Dinosaurs are ancient animals that first appeared around 230 million years ago. Dinosaurs are also interpreted as terrible lizards. Although dinosaurs are not actually a type of lizard. There are some dinosaur names thought to have inhabited the earth.

Dinosaurs are known to have lived in the Mesozoic era which lasted between 250 and 65 million years ago. This period is divided into three periods, namely the triassic period (250-206 million years ago), the Jurassic (205-144 million years ago), and the Cretaceous / Cretaceous (144-65 million years ago). ancient animal It is known that it first appeared in the late Triassic and developed during the Early Jurassic.

Dinosaur Names

There are several types of dinosaurs that once inhabited the earth. The following are the names of dinosaurs and their characteristics.

1. Albertosaurus

The name of the first dinosaur was Albertosaurus. According to the description in the book “100 Amazing Dinosaurs”, fossils of this animal were found in the Province of Alberta, Canada. Its body length is eight meters and it weighs 2.6 tons.

In addition, Albertosaurus had another characteristic, namely throat big, deep, and wide. This ancient animal walked on two hind legs. Meanwhile, the two front legs are very short and small but are used to help raise the body.

The tail of this animal is useful for maintaining balance. Albertosaurus is thought to have lived in the late Cretaceous (70 million years ago) in North America.

2. Alioramus

Alioramus was a dinosaur that preyed on other dinosaurs. The body length of this ancient animal is about 6 meters with a weight of up to 700 kg. The uniqueness of this animal is that it has a narrow and long skull.

These animals also have bony protrusions or spines on the muzzle that are useful for finding partners. wild animals it lived in the Cretaceous period (70-65 million years ago). Alioramus fossil found in Mongolia.

3. Allosaurus

The other types of dinosaurs are Allosaurus. This body weight has a weight of about five tons or the equivalent of one elephant. Allosaurus was the largest and most fearsome meat-eating dinosaur.

These animals have large heads and strong necks and jaws. The claws on the fingers of this animal are large and have 70 teeth that are sharp like knives in the jaw. With its body shape, this animal dared to attack other types of dinosaurs whose size was 10 times larger.

These animals usually hunt prey that is old, sick, or easier. After eating, these animals will leave food for small dinosaurs. Allosaurus lived in North America in 154-144 million years ago or in the Jurassic period.

4. Anchisaurus

Anchisaurus was the first generation of all-eating dinosaurs that lived 200-188 million years ago or during the Jurassic era. This dinosaur had a slim body, light weight, and a small head. Its body length is about 2.1 meters and weighs 85 kg.

These animals walk on two or four legs. This ancient animal has a habit of digging for plants that can be eaten using the claws of the big forefoot. Anchisaurus fossils were found in North America and southern Africa.

Sea Dinosaur Names

Apart from being on land, dinosaurs also lived in the sea. The names of marine dinosaurs are as follows:

1. Liopleurodon

Liopleurodon is the largest marine dinosaur of all time. According to the explanation in the book “All Things from the Dinosaur World”, this ancient animal had teeth 30 cm long and a skull with a length of 5 meters. Meanwhile his body can reach 25 meters. Liopleurodon’s diet was whales or other meat-rich animals.

2. Shastasaurus

The name of another dinosaur that lived in the sea was Shastasaurus. This animal has a body that can grow up to 21 meters and weighs up to 75 thousand kg. Shastasaurus is thought to have a larger body size than an adult blue whale which is a biggest animal at the moment.

This animal lived in the Triassic period at 210 million years ago. Although large, this dinosaur was not a ferocious carnivore. These animals will only prey on fish and other small sea creatures.

3. Mosasaurus

Mosasaurus is a slow replica that is famous for having appeared in movies Jurrasic World. This animal has a size of up to 17 meters. This animal has a shape like a whale but its mouth is like a crocodile.

Types of marine dinosaurs are eaters of everything from small to large fish. This makes this animal population can survive well. There are even these dinosaur species that live in Antarctica and fresh water.

4. Plesiosaurus

This ancient sea animal has a long body and neck, but a very small head. This dinosaur is a group of reptiles that are good at swimming. This animal is known to live about 215 million years ago before finally evolving into another type with a shorter neck.

Those are some of the names of dinosaurs that lived on land or sea. These animals once lived on earth before finally experiencing extinction.

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