The Mystery of Comet’s Green Colorless Tail Solved After 90 Years, Jakarta – Mystery about the reason for the tail comet not colored green solved after 90 years.

Perhaps many people see, the comet metamorphoses colorfully as it moves across the sky. Many comets turn green, whose light gets brighter as the comet gets closer to the Sun.

Unfortunately the farther the comet passes, the tail does not turn green. For 90 years, astronomers, scientists, and chemists have wondered why this happened.

In 1930, it was thought that the phenomenon of why the tails of comets did not turn green was caused by sunlight destroying diatomic carbon.

Carbon is formed from the interaction between sunlight and organic matter in the head of a comet. However, because of the instability of dicarbon, this theory becomes difficult to test.

quote Tech Explorist, Saturday (12/25/2021), para scientist at UNSW Sydney finally found a way to test this chemical reaction in the laboratory. They also prove a mystery that has not been solved for 90 years. Turns out, the theory is true.

Scientists managed to solve the mystery using the help of vacuum chambers, many lasers, and powerful cosmic reactions.

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