The Most Death Cases Due to DHF in West Java are from Bogor

BANDUNG – The number of cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in West Java Province during 2021 fell to 21,857 cases from 22,613 cases in 2020, according to data from the Health Service.

Head of the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Section of the West Java Provincial Health Office, M Yudi Koharudin, said 203 of the 21,857 dengue cases found during 2021 resulted in death.

The number of cases of DHF that caused death in 2021 was recorded more than in 2020, with 168 of the total 22,613 cases of DHF that caused death.

According to Yudi, during 2021 the most dengue cases occurred in Bandung City with a total of 3,743 cases, followed by Depok City with 3,155 cases and Bekasi City with 1,963 cases.

“Bogor Regency is recorded as the area with the most cases of death due to dengue fever in West Java with 22 deaths out of a total of 1,639 cases of dengue fever found,” said Yudi, quoted by Antara, Thursday, January 20.

The mortality rate due to dengue fever in Bandung Regency and Tasikmalaya City is also relatively high.

A total of 21 of the total 1,385 cases of DHF found in Bandung Regency caused death and 21 of the total 834 cases of DHF found in the City of Tasikmalaya caused death.

Yudi emphasized the importance of active community participation in the 3M Plus movement to eradicate the mosquito breeding grounds of the dengue virus in efforts to prevent and control DHF.

The 3M movement includes draining or cleaning places that are often used as water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs tightly, and reusing or recycling used goods that can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Plus activities include sprinkling larvicide powder or abate in water reservoirs that are difficult to clean, using mosquito repellent, spraying insect killers in dark corners of the house, using mosquito nets or mosquito netting on beds, and keeping fish that eat larvae.

Yudi said that the government had deployed puskesmas officers to larvae monitoring interpreters (jumantik) to provide counseling on the prevention and eradication of dengue virus-transmitting mosquitoes.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, he continued, officers also used information technology to deliver counseling regarding dengue prevention.

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