The modernized Audi A8 is here! With a sharper design and so far only with petrol engines

The external appearance of the Audi A8 has changed only decently within the facelift, but the result should be a more athletic and more representative attitude.

The Audi A8 has been in production in the current fourth generation since November 2017, so this year is the ideal time to modernize. It is now officially introduced. It will go on sale in December.

While the competing BMW 7 Series has significantly changed its style as part of the modernization, thanks to the bet on a majestic radiator grille, Audi has gone the path of evolution, as is customary. However, the base of the singleframe mask has become wider, while the side air intakes are more upright and the headlights have a more pronounced contour at the bottom. According to the carmaker, the result is a more representative look and a more confident attitude.

Organic LEDs (OLEDs), which can be selected from a variety of light signatures, are becoming standard. The digital Matrix LED headlights have also been modified. Each headlamp is made up of 1.3 million micromirrors, which can decompose light into tiny pixels for even more precise light beam adjustment. On the highway, for example, the lane in which the vehicle is driving is better illuminated.

The appearance of the car can be adjusted not only with a package of chrome elements, but also with the new S line package, which celebrates its premiere at the A8. As with the smaller models, this package gives the car a more dynamic look, thanks to the distinctive moldings in the style of the purely sporty version of the Audi S8.

Inside, the main idea was the highest level of luxury and a wide range of personalization options, to customize the car to your liking. Audi recalls the wide range of different cab configurations, both in terms of color combinations and materials used. There are also different types of seats, a certain highlight is the rear relaxation seats designed specifically for the A8 L. They can create a footrest from the front seat, which also has the function of heating and massage, to ensure maximum comfort while driving. Of course, there is also a back massage function, which is used by 18 pneumatic pillows.

Also new are the 10.1 ”displays of the rear passenger entertainment system, located in the rear of the front seats. It allows you to view content from the passenger’s external devices, with the possibility of using streaming services. The Bang & Olufsen Advanced music system was then adapted for true music lovers. It relies on 23 speakers with an output of 1,920 W, with the effect of 3D sound. Of course, passengers can control it using the OLED touch screen.

The offer of motorizations is currently limited to petrol units. The basis on European markets will be a petrol three-liter six-cylinder 55 TFSI quattro with an output of 250 kW, for China there will also be a weaker version with 210 kW. Then there’s the four-liter 60 TFSI quattro eight-cylinder fork with 338 kW and the top-of-the-line Audi S8 with the same eight-cylinder, but tuned to 420 kW.

As the names suggest, all units offered are paired with all-wheel drive as standard, which specifically uses a central self-locking differential. A combination with an eight-speed automatic transmission is also standard. In addition, all motors are mild hybrids, so they complement them with a 48V electrical system.

Later, however, the modernized Audi A8 will again be offered with a diesel engine, which was previously a three-liter six-cylinder 50 TDI quattro with 210 kW, and also as a plug-in hybrid. It has so far been called 60 TFSI e quattro.

Then ahead The carmaker has announced that the modernized Audi A8 will now also be available in the extra-extended Horch variant. However, it has now confirmed that this version 13 cm longer than the extended A8 L will be offered exclusively on the Chinese market.


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