The Mercedes-AMG GT is slowly coming to an end. However, the successor will not only be the new SL with a roof

The new generation of the Mercedes-AMG GT coupe will use the same technical basis as the Mercedes-AMG SL introduced this year. But the novelty should not be just SL with a roof.

Mercedes-AMG is no longer just a car trimmer with a three-pointed star on the bow, it also offers its own distinctive models. Specifically, since 2014, its portfolio has included the Mercedes-AMG GT supercar, which has indirectly replaced the previous Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG supercar. However, seven years are still in the world of sports cars today, and so a successor is beginning to emerge.

The carmaker is even gradually ending the receipt of orders for the current design, so the range of versions is gradually narrowing, along with the approaching end of production. The last opportunity to order a car according to your ideas is to take place in December.

In any case, Mercedes-AMG is working hard on the second-generation GT, which is facing major changes. The car developed with the internal designation C192 is to be available exclusively in the form of a coupe, the roadster will end – its role will be taken over by the Mercedes-AMG SL introduced this year, the development of which was already provided by the Affalterbach division.

It is with the new SL that the second generation GT will share its technical foundation, in the form of new MSA (Modular Sports Architecture) platforms. However, there are voices from the carmaker that the new GT will definitely not be just a coupe variant of the SL.

Both models should also differ in their character. Thanks to the open body, the SL should be focused more on road driving and comfort, while the GT will be a sharper machine, very capable on racing tracks, thanks to the closed body.

“The drivers of our GT are people who like to drive their vehicle on the race track. We see it every weekend and we see it when we hold our events and driving academies. This is where the GT riders meet. There aren’t many owners of classic SLs on the racetracks, but they are more interested in wading here and there, “suggests Philip Schiemer that the new GT and SL will adapt more to their target clients.

In any case, the offer of engines will be the same for both cars. SL has so far debuted with a pair of four-liter four-cylinder forks with two turbochargers. SL 63 4Matic + has 430 kW, SL 55 4Matic + 350 kW. In addition, the new technical basis allows the installation of a plug-in hybrid drive, which is announced for both models.

We will still wait for the new Mercedes-AMG GT. Production is not to begin until January 2023. Next year will belong primarily to SL, which will go on sale in the first half of 2022.


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