The mayor-record holder Krum Georgiev, who ruled Beli Iskar for 51 years, died

The late Krum Georgiev Photo: Beli Iskar City Hall

The mayor-record holder Krum Georgiev, who ruled the village of Beli Iskar in Samokov for 51 years, has died. The sad news was announced by the mayor’s office in the village.

“He was an example of dedication to work with over 50 years of experience as mayor. Everything he has done over the years for the village will remain in the time after him and will show generations to come what it means to be aspiring, dedicated, persistent and to be a worthy ruler! A tribute to his memory! “, Beli Iskar City Hall wrote on its Facebook page.

Krum Georgiev became mayor on November 1, 1968, when he was 32 years old. Bai Krum, as the locals call him, was in office during two regimes – socialism and democracy, which served 13 terms. He handed over the mayor’s post in the village in 2019, when he lost the runoff.

He says that the formula for successful management is to be close to people and listen to them.

Krum Georgiev is the second longest-serving mayor in Bulgaria. Dancho Dimitrov, who until 2018 was the head of Dolni Okol, also from Samokov village, has five more years in his career.


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