The Marseillais: Mélanie Orl finally absent from the casting? She sows doubt

Mélanie Orl in the casting of the Marseillais in order to recover Greg? Big news is falling. And while rumors say that the pretty blonde has already integrated the iconic adventure of W9, she tries to cover her tracks on social networks … On his Snapchat account, Melanie Orl first posted a first photo where she writes: “A good little McDonald’s before hitting the road”. In the process, she published another photo where she is visibly on the road towards Lyon, at her place. Snaps that we invite you to discover by going a little further down in this article.

Mélanie’s snap … – Credit (s): Snapchat melanie.orl
... Who is in France ?
… Who is in France ? – Credit (s): Snapchat melanie.orl

You will understand that Mélanie Orl tries to make believe that she is still in France so that her participation in Marseillais be a total surprise … But for several days, rumors have said that she is well planned for the casting of the show. It is therefore a bit missed … But for the moment, we do not know too much about the start of his adventure!

But when writing melty, we say to ourselves that in addition to her reunion with Greg, Mélanie Orl will also settle accounts with Giuseppa … The two young women have not spoken to each other for several weeks now! And then of course, Mélanie will find Maeva Ghennam … Again, it could be electric! Otherwise, Maeva Ghennam reacted to her team’s victory in Les Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6.

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