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The Local Police of Gijón sanctions on 14 people for not wearing the mask in areas mandatory | SER Gijón | Today Gijón


Intense weekend for the Local Police Gijón. The past Friday the agents passed to 12 people (six men and six women) for various breaches of regulations arising from the state of alarm. The most striking on five citizens who were not keeping the safety distance in group. Three other viabajan in the car without a mask despite not being relatives, the two were walking outside of your timezone, a walked more than a kilometer away from his home and another for not keeping the safety distance on the terrace.

The Saturday the number of sanctions rose to the 45 people, almost four times more with regard to Friday. The majority were men (37) in front of six women and all of them between 21 and 30 years. The most notable cases were: twelve penalties for meeting in a group of more than ten people and fourteen not to use the mask in situations in which it is mandatory. In addition, eight persons were sanctioned for not abiding by the time slots, eight other for not respecting the safety distance and a more lying in the public way. It is also passed to a local hostelry that had more tables than permitted and to a bar where there were people eating inside.


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