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The list of harmful drugs: what drugs do not cure, but only relieve symptoms and lead to a deterioration in health |


She believes that these drugs are aggressively marketed because doctors prescribe very little, and rarely — for many years, there are more effective tools. To treat heartburn patients are prescribed prescription drugs that suppress the production of hydrochloric acid and affect the cause, not relieve symptoms.

A life without pain

Most pain meds have lots of contraindications. For example, paracetamol, which is part of many combined drugs are very dangerous to the liver and ibuprofen can cause kidney damage and stomach problems.

All nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and these include ibuprofen, affect the gastric mucosa. There is even a diagnosis of “NSAID-gastropathy”. The risk here — patients with chronic pain who take these drugs regularly, instead of curing the cause of the pain. In the end, the consequences can be up to gastrointestinal bleeding, explains walkers.

Of course, non-prescription drugs dose a little, but make their man more than you. Separately to say about the drugs, which include analginum — in the world of tablets, there is a combination of drugs with this substance. A lot of them, and not all focus on the treatment of pain — for example, the flu by some manufacturers.


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