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The LFP will freeze the format of the League 1 to 20 clubs


Amiens and Toulouse FC have managed to get a result before the Council of State following the decision of the LFP to freeze the leaderboard and relegate the last two. The instance was left to the LFP the opportunity to review his copy, and so put in place a League 1 with 22 teams. However, this should not be the case. Already on Friday, the board of directors of the League spoke in favor of a League 1 20 teams. At its general assembly on Tuesday, the LFP will enact this decision, as explained in The Team. The future convention over the period 2020/2024 for a League 1 20 teams, will be submitted to the assembly of the federation on Friday.

If, Amiens, and Toulouse are opposed to this decision, this is not the case of other clubs who do not want to share the TV rights with two additional teams, but also adding to the calendar. Amiens has certainly pointed out that the abolition of the League Cup, could allow the establishment of four additional matches, but has not been listened to.



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