The last bullfighting dream of Niño de la Capea

The bullfighter from Salamanca is considering a return to the ring for his 50th anniversary of the alternative, the year of his 70th birthday which he will celebrate on September 17, the last day of the Feria des Vendanges…

Pedro Moya “El Niño de la Capea” was a great figure in bullfighting in the 70s and 80s. He was the rival of Jose Maria Manzanares senior for a long time and for two decades carried the colors of Salamanca to the highest level with his friend Julio Robles.

After his alternative, in Bilbao, on June 19, 1972 with Paco Camino and Paquirri (toros de Lisardo Sanchez), he was six times leader of the escalafon and five times opened the great door of Madrid cutting a total of 23 ears. With the high point, a solo against Victorino Martin in Las Ventas.

Faced with a novillo, a viral video

The one who became a recognized breeder for bullfighting on horseback with his cattle of Murube origins took over the muleta in the campo in Mexico, a country where he was a real idol and where he ended his career on February 5, 1995 at the Monumental from Mexico City.

His video of bullfighting a San Constantino novillo quickly went viral and the bullfighter, soon to be 70, felt like an artist again and relished the pleasure of bullfighting “a gusto”. He confessed that he had plans to return for a race, this temporada, to celebrate his half-century of alternative by surrounding himself with his son, the bullfighter “El Capea” and his son-in-law, Miguel Angel Perera.

The maestro has decided to start his training soon and impose a diet for his last bullfighting challenge. So many aficionados are already dreaming of finding one last time his wrist, his pace, his intelligence and his legendary temple which have illuminated bullfighting during its some 1800 bullfights.

On September 17, his birthday, in Nîmes?

Betting will start soon for this date. In his native Campo Charro in a bullring in Salamanca? In Mexico where he is an idol? Or even in Nîmes where he could celebrate his 70th birthday for the grape harvest on September 17?
Hasn’t he triumphed several times in the amphitheater as a matador de toros, won the Cape d’Or and made his despedida de novillero in Nîmes with, at the cartel, a certain Simon Casas?

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