The Kraken exchange again announced that Bulgaria has 213,519 bitcoins in its annual report

Crypto exchange Kraken issued its annual report, in which those 213,519 bitcoins associated with Bulgaria reappeared. Their price already exceeds 10 billion dollars.

In 2017, the Balkan Interpol SELEC officially announced that these bitcoins had been seized by the Bulgarian authorities in the international operation Pratka / Virus against a criminal network for customs fraud, reports.

The first official announcement of SELEC is no longer available on the site, but can be seen in the archive. “More than 200,000 bitcoins in value of 500 million USD seized by the Bulgarian authorities

V the changed message the amount is not specified exactly, but so far no one has denied that bitcoin wallets have been found.

Five years ago, the authorities denied our information, but it was not clear whether and where these bitcoins were. However, the amount is not to be neglected.

We remind you that in 2017 there was information that during an action against organized crime by the Bulgarian law enforcement agencies, held in May, more than 200,000 bitcoins seized.

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