News The inventor of a "battery of the future" judged...

The inventor of a “battery of the future” judged for fraud in the criminal court of Nancy


It is a trial very expected which starts this Thursday at the criminal court of Nancy. A former professor of physical chemistry at the university of Lorraine continued, in particular for fraud, but also bankruptcy, embezzlement or tax fraud. This 54 year old man would have, between 2009 and 2013, up € 2.8 million from individuals to finance his invention, a kind of battery revolutionary. System that has not seen the light of day, still today. A portion of the money would directly arrive on its personal account. Of the more than 150 investors, a fifty constituted themselves civil parties.

Investors impressed

Of the alleged victims, who sometimes struggled to make themselves known. It must be said that the inventor is convincing, convinced he had found the goose that lays the golden eggs : a system that is miniaturized, which enables the storage of electricity in order to use it when you need it. The end of fossil fuels, or nearly so. The demonstration was held in a secure room in the basement of one of the houses in Nancy. An impressive demonstration, ” explains mr. Nicolas Pasina, a lawyer of some thirty civil parties :

“Everybody has been subdued, because it would turn on the current of her home, a few seconds the box in question, which was hidden under a sheet. It withdrew the power cord to recharge then devices that consume a lot of energy, in particular a halogen lamp. This lamp worked ten to twenty minutes then the battery had been recharged a few seconds.”

The project “revolutionary” had convinced more than 150 people, some of the investors had put 60,000 euros on the table, baited by the possible gains.

The return on investment has not taken place. Some individuals can also alert the justice in 2014, anxious not to see that invention come to fruition. The machine stops. Investigators uncover the expenses of the inventor far from the income of a former university professor among luxury cars, travel, and purchases of properties. 1.7 million euros have been transferred to his personal accounts. Money that has not been found, same thing for that invention secret, on which the scientific work always since his release from detention on remand in 2015.

The trial should last two days.


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