The interior of the new Dacia Sandero has leaked to the public. It will be a huge change!

Romania’s Dacia has already introduced the new Sandero and Logan, but so far has only shown the exterior design. Thanks to one handy photographer, we can now also look at the interior.

Carmaker Dacia has decided to give us a new generation of its affordable models Sandero a Logan will reveal gradually. So first she introduced the exterior, and later she would add the interior and information about the engines.

But the Romanians have recalculated a bit, because the first image of Sander’s cabin is already circulating on social networks and we can see what news Dacia has prepared. First of all, we notice a more sophisticated multifunction steering wheel, others are heating vents and the free-standing screen of the multimedia system is also a novelty. Compared to its predecessor, we can look forward to a really significant step forward.

Apart from the classic Sander with a more modern bow and more dynamic shapes, we can also look forward to the Sandero Stepway, which will offer a higher ground clearance and a more distinctive design. Logan also gets a redesigned silhouette, new door handles and a common light signature in the shape of a horizontal letter Y, which can be found at the front and back, will be common to all the novelties.

We will wait for detailed information about the third generation of the Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan models. The official premiere is scheduled for September 29.

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