The Importance of BEM SI Demo During the Pandemic Questioned by Faldo Maldini


Special Staff (Stafsus) Minister of State Secretary (Mensesneg), Faldo Maldini, questioned the interests behind the demonstration plan of the All-Indonesian Student Executive Board (WELL YOU). As is known, BEM SI gave an ultimatum to President Jokowi, if he did not appoint 56 KPK employees who did not pass the TWK to become ASN, BEM SI would protest.

Faldo said that the country is currently on the way to recover from the pandemic. The rate of transmission of COVID-19 has decreased.

“Those who want to congregate mean that they don’t love health workers, they don’t love their families, they don’t love themselves. They don’t love the people’s economic carts that have started to stir. So whose interest is this?” said Faldo when contacted, Saturday (25/9/2021).

But Faldo did not forbid WELL YOU be critical. And the government, he continued, will also answer criticism with full responsibility.

“The important thing is not to crowd. The number of COVID-19 has improved, the work of health workers is optimal. Now it is possible to take a breath, grave diggers and ambulances are less burdened. So we must be equally vigilant,” said Faldo.

Faldo pleaded with all parties to refrain. He said the government’s focus was to get Indonesia out of the pandemic situation.

“We ask for restraint. We want to get out of the pandemic. Vaccinations are continuously encouraged, this year we have enough ammunition to reach the target. There are predictions of new variants, that is what we want to continue to anticipate. So once again, we hope everyone will take care, ” said Faldo.

Previously, SI BEM Central Coordinator Nofrian Fadil Akbar confirmed the planned demonstration on September 27 tomorrow, regarding the dismissal of KPK employees who did not pass the TWK. The action will be centered in Jakarta.

“That’s right,” said the Central Coordinator WELL YOU Nofrian Fadil Akbar when asked for confirmation, Friday (24/9).

Check out the full contents of the BEM SI ultimatum to Jokowi on the next page.


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