World The Iberian peninsula is affected by the dust from...

The Iberian peninsula is affected by the dust from the Sahara desert on Tuesday, and the Environment


The Iberian Peninsula is expected to be reached on Tuesday, by the dust of the Sahara desert, it announced this week, the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA).

The IPMA explained, in a statement posted on its the websitethat the dust of the Sahara desert are going to reach out to the Caribbean sea on Monday, in the event of a particularly heavy, especially in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, on behalf of the the strength of the influence of the trade winds, and the anticyclone of the Azores.

Already on Tuesday, it is expected that dust, which are rich in minerals and nutrients and make for a “an important mechanism for cross-fertilization in natural”, to reach the Iberian Peninsula, and the IPMA’s going to keep up with. With the passage of the dust through Portugal and Spain are associated with the bulk of the heat is coming from the north of Africa, which is going to affect the Iberian Peninsula at the beginning of this week. In addition, the IPMA has issued the same on Saturday, with a yellow warning for the eight districts that make up the interior of the country, compared to the forecast of high temperatures.

The agency points out that the dust storms in the Sahara desert are relatively frequent and, at times, the winds carry their dust. The trade winds “in favour of the the transport of this dust over long distances, across the Atlantic ocean to the american continent,” explains IPMA.

In February, The in the dust of the Sahara, they came to the Wood, after being “painted” on the Canary islands, colour-orange. The the storm also forced the cancellation of over 100 flights in the Canary islands due to the problems of the lack of visibility caused by the phenomenon.

In addition to the passage of dust and The uk will record, also, at the beginning of the week, a sharp rise in the temperature in several of the districts. Braga, Bragança, Vila Real, Guarda, Castelo Branco, Portalegre, Évora and Beja are going to be under a yellow warning on Monday and Tuesday. Some of the towns in the Alentejo can reach up to 40 degrees, in agreement with the IPMA.



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