Health The hydroalcoholic gel is it dangerous for the skin...

The hydroalcoholic gel is it dangerous for the skin in the sun?


HEALTH – The holidays are approaching, and the epidemic of Covid-19 raises questions that we do ask ourselves not previous summers. How to endure the heat with a face mask is one of them. What use to make of the hydroalcoholic gel in full sun is another. And in this regard, some dermatologists Spanish alertaient recently on a risk of irritation and hyperpigmentation (spots on the skin).

In the Spanish daily El Mundothe dermatologist Marta Frieyro states as well as the high percentage of alcohol in the hydroalcoholic gel could, associated with the light of the sun, cause skin burns. She adds that the components of the gels, which remain on the surface of the skin, could lead to a “darkening of skin”.

Dryness of the skin

What is it? For Pierre Parneix, doctor of public health and hospital hygiene at the university hospital of Bordeaux, joined by The HuffPost, “alcohol is a volatile and as soon as the hands are not visibly wet, there is more”. For him, apart from the tendency of the gels to dry out the skin, not of particular concern to you. If the risk of burns there is, it is, according to him, because he would be “increased by the dryness of the skin, but in the sun you put the sun cream, at least at the beach”.

The gels hydro-alcoholic can dry out the skin, it is a fact. On this point, Pierre Parneix is joined by the vice-president of the Union of Dermatologists, Isabelle Gallay. “The gel will add dryness to a period where the skin is sensitive. Nevertheless, it is enough just to hydrate a little more skin, even more when exposed to the sun”, she explains with LCI.

That are exposed to the sun his hands cleaned the hydroalcoholic gel or not, skin irritation or burning sensations are possible, but sun exposure is not the cause.

As to the spots on the skin fears by some dermatologists spaniards, they are indeed possible depending on the dermatologist Catherine Oliverès-Ghouti, dermatologist and member of the national Union of dermatologists-vénéréologues (SNDV), contacted by 20 Minutes. It reminds us that the problem is the same with perfumes.

“It is composed of approximately 70 % alcohol. However, it is a substance photosensitising: if one exposes his hands brushed the hydroalcoholic solution in the range, then you risk what is called a dermatitis in charm, a burning characteristic caused by the reaction of the alcohol on the skin with the sun. To be clear, we develop in a first time a burn, the skin is red and irritated, and then the stain takes on a brown pigmentation which can last for years,” she explains.

Choosing the right gel and not abuse

All agree that it is necessary to pay particular attention to the components of the hydroalcoholic gel that you are going to purchase. “It is not necessary that the people make their own solutions, hydroalcoholic with components that are hazardous and, in principle, to be preferred, when they are available which is now increasingly the case, the products designed by the industrial hygiene of the hands in which the cosmetic properties will be optimal,” advises Pierre Parneix. “It all depends on the product used. If it is a gel with a certified formula, there should not be any worries individuals. Now, I have had the opportunity to see gels hydro-alcoholic perfumed or ‘original’, then this effectively is more problematic. It is often more aggressive”, believes his side Isabelle Gallay.

In this respect, Pierre Parneix gave advice last march to choose its gel: “it is necessary that it contains only one alcohol, possibly two, to at least 60% -this is even more effective at 80% or 85% – of the glycerine to protect the hands, not of perfume, because it irritates the hands.”

Finally, it should be borne in mind that in the event of prolonged exposure to the sun, the beach in particular, you do not necessarily need you to clean the hands hydroalcoholic gel.

“Use of the hydroalcoholic gel to the beach is useless there, a priori, one does not touch any button on an elevator or door handle, but only his own affairs, and the sand”, asserts Catherine Oliverès-Ghouti.

You have understood, continue to be cautious and to adhere to the extent possible gestures barriers, but you can go to hydroalcoholic gel during the few hours that you will spend at the beach.

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