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The hotels of Valencia have asked that the city Council will recess taxes

Miguel angel Polo EFE

The sector tourist looking for help to solve their problems of treasury.

The employer autonmica of hoteliers, Hosbec, has met with representatives of the city Council of Valencia to expose the difficult situation through, for the parn initial and any further restrictions imposed by the state of alarm.

Hosbec highlights that the sector requires “measures to alleviate the difficult situation economic by the that is across the tourism and it to take to recover”.

Hosbec Valencia moved to the city Council his request to bet ms by lines of reduction of expenses of direct aid, that are of difficult application and not end up getting to the hotel companies. His proposal is to apply discounts in municipal taxes associated with the hotel sector as measures of direct aid to their liquidity.

The employer explains in a press release that the hotel accommodations are a major cost in the payment of fees based on the number of rooms and spaces can range from annually, for example, in the case of the IBI at around 100,000 euros, the IAE to 34,000 , the Rate of Garbage 7,000 and the Rate Tamer applied to the water of about 11,000 euros on average.

Entrepreneurs constaafirman that there is a willingness of the consistory of study options that are associated with the reduction of any of the rates, the non-application in this 2020 the increases in the IBI raised or even a possible postponement to 2021 for payment of part of the tax 2020.




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