The Horizon Forbidden West trailer reveals more about the game’s history

Guerrilla Games released a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West this week. The video – which you can watch above – focuses on the game’s story, and introduces several of the characters Aloy will encounter in his next adventure.

Aloy encounters both known and unknown characters in Horizon Forbidden West.

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As we know from before, the Horizon heroine Aloy takes the trip west in the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Here she must try to stop a mysterious force that is terrorizing the country. In this connection, she encounters Regalla and her gang of thugs, and there will also be a reunion with Sylens.

Also this time, players get help along the way. Among other things, Erend and Varl reappear, along with new characters such as Zo, Alva and Kotallo.

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The new trailer also hints at other, more mysterious characters. Among these is Tilda, a new character who according to the developer has a kind of connection to the world that existed before the machines took over.

Horizon Forbidden West comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18th. The game promises a number of innovations compared to the first game, including more weapons and enemy types, a paraglider and the ability to dive properly underwater.

The Horizon series also gets its own VR experience.
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