The hilarious video of Argentine comedians that Betis published to announce a bomb

The Real Betis Balompie savor a delicious present in The Spanish league, given that it is in third place in the table, with the Sevilla and the Real Madrid from above. This puts him in a good position not only to climb and fight for the title, but also to qualify for the Champions League. In addition to this good panorama, one of his promises, rodrigo sanchez rodriguez, better known as Rodri, just renewed contract.

The 21-year-old midfielder extends his relationship with the Sevillian team until 2026, which was announced by the club in an original way and with two Argentine protagonists. The account of Betis shared a video on their networks with Jeronimo Freixas and Josefina de Cabo, who rose to popularity as “the couple of the World Cup”, doing one of their typical scenes in the car.

In the video, which after two hours of publication exceeded 120,000 views and amused Twitter and Instagram users, Freixas He was wearing a green and white shirt to go to a funeral, for which his wife reproached him: “No, do you think so? You can’t go to a funeral in a football jersey. It is a lack of respect for the man who died.

This is how Betis announced the renewal of Rodri

The unwavering soccer fan justified that it was a “tribute to Don Raúl”, a man who was “a fan of Betis”. Then, a monologue by the influencer began, alluding to the club’s players and the classic phrase “Long live Betis but lose.”

The Argentine comedian also added that this Don Raúl had died with a smile because he had left the club “at a great time.” “Do you know what it was like for Don Raúl to see two champions of America wearing the verdiblanca? Do you know what it must have felt like to see Guido (Rodríguez) and (Germán) Pezzella wearing the Betis one?”, he stated about two of the albiceleste players who won the continental title in 2021.

At the end of the video, Freixas, To who Lionel Messi He follows on Instagram, he talked about the renovations of the Betic team and commented: “Too bad he left us without knowing what was going on with Rodri”. In the background, the fans of Benito Villamarín began to play, when the influencer asked his partner: “do you notice? Do you go to Betis’s Twitter to see if they renewed Rodri?”.

Rodri renewed until 2026″, De Cabo answered. “Look at the joy that gives you the BetisDon Raul! Now you can rest in peace. long live the Betis don’t lose”, concluded the Argentine character in the video that closed with the photo of the player who will be in the club for at least four more years.

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