The head of the parliament leaked personal data in BULSTATLE

The personal telephone number of the Speaker of the National Assembly Nikola Minchev and the permanent address at which he is registered leaked in the BULSTAT array with the compromised personal data of 300 thousand Bulgarians, Monitor found. Along with Minchev, his deputies Christian Vigenin from the BSP for Bulgaria, Miroslav Ivanov from “We continue the change” and Atanas Atanasov from “Democratic Bulgaria – Unification” are in the cup. Among the victims of the leak in BULSTAT are ministers such as Ivan Ivanov. Ivanov passed with the address where he and his family live in Shumen and with the number of his personal cell phone.

Among the 300,000 can be found ordinary MPs such as Dani Kanazireva, although the activity as a lawyer has been suspended since 2019, or Gunay Husman, who is a registered farmer, developing a combined crop and livestock farm and whose activities in Isperih continues in parallel with his lawmaking in parliament. Due to BULSTAT Lakes, the address in Ruse of GERB Desislava Atanasova is available, as well as the one in Sliven and the agrarian expert – Atanasova’s party member and namesake Desislava Taneva, who is registered as a consultant. From BULSTAT you will also find out the address of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva, who is still involved in the foreign policy and security of Bulgaria at the legislative level. There is also Zlatomira Karageorgieva – Mostrova, a lawyer from ITN. Former Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev is present by phone, e-mail, his permanent address in Gabrovo and the current one in Sofia.

The oppositionist Toma Bikov can also be found in BULSTAT with his physical addresses, phone number and e-mail. Bikov is registered under Bulstat as an actor developing artistic and creative activity.

Toshko Yordanov Hadjitodorov, registered as a screenwriter, can be disturbed at his home address in the Oborishte district of Sofia by anyone who comes across his data. Hamid Hamid, a well-known MRF MP, and Hristo Ivanov, the leader of Democratic Bulgaria – Unification, also suffered from the funnel.

The showman and leader of ITN Slavi Trifonov is also among the expired. He is registered as a music producer. Among the musicians from “Ku-Ku Band” Boris Soltariyski is active, it is clear from the data. Due to BULSTAT Lakes, personal information is available about the prima donna of the Bulgarian stage Lili Ivanova, as well as about her colleague Vladimir Ampov – Grafa. Jazz singer Kamelia Todorova can be found at an address in a large metropolitan area. From the leaked data you can find out more than necessary about the notorious presenter Dimitar Rachkov.


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