The Great White Clan. Recorder apologized after publication of Church investigation: “documentation errors”

After publishing a series of investigations into how the Church spends public money, the journalists from Recorder wanted to make more clarifications after the reactions that appeared in the public space and to apologize.

The journalists from Recorder transmitted the fact that in the documentation made for the investigations there were some mistakes for which they apologized and brought arguments.

After the publication of the series of investigations into the way the Church spends public money, several reactions to our journalistic approach appeared in the public space. We feel obliged to come up with some important clarifications, especially since, in addition to the attacks that can be easily dismantled, there were also reactions that put us in front of some documentation mistakes in the case of the material about the construction of the Cathedral. Professional ethics forces us to recognize them and apologize for them“, Is the message published by Recorder on the Facebook page, along with a readable article HERE.

Investigation Recorder: “The Great White Clan”

Recorder journalists published, on October 13, the first episode of the investigation into the mechanism by which the Romanian Orthodox Church builds churches with public money.

After eight months of documentation, the journalists from Recorder discovered what is the system through which BOR ends up in possession of public money and, at the same time, to fake any taxes to the state.

Using a false identity, the journalist Victor Ilie managed to penetrate the network and, thus, presented the way in which BOR easily reaches public money.


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